So you want to setup an e-store? Make your fortune online, working from the end of your garden. How hard can it be? Very! Read on my friends.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Through The Looking Glass

Back in 2006 life seem so simple. We were about to open the shop and now wanted to trade online and begin a short and a simple path to Internet riches.

How difficult could it be? Answer - very difficult indeed.

From choosing a design, photos, photos, photos, finding words, opening merchant accounts, holding stock, more photos and finally the enormous cost of adwords, it's been a painful journey.

The road to online success is not paved with gold and this blog is my attempt to document the journey before it all fades from memory.

I’ll try and write in chronological order, but as it all comes back to me we may jump back and forth through time a bit.

My hope is to help someone else travelling this same path avoid some of the pot holes I encountered. Didn’t someone say something about writing being the best therapy?

I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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nigel said...

Go on then! I dying to read the first episode now! Its like waiting for the 2nd shoe (espadrille) to drop!

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, all those 'getting rich quick' articles and books you might read are as good or as useful as the paper they are written on. Well these days thats not even true! its the bits and bytes put on those fancy web pages that make you think its all so easy. Maybe you should start a pay as you read subscription, as i guess this will get interesting as time goes on ;-)

I say "If you can't get rich quick, try the slow way!"

I too look forward to the next installment.

sue said...

Interesting article. Must be appreciated.