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Friday, 3 July 2009

Flashes Before Your Eyes – Part 2

Flashback to June 2006

Mrs G made an appointment for Professor Photo to make a house call whilst I was at work and he arrived with his bag of tricks and an expensive Nikon D2X. Now this was a man who knew how to take photographs and was also used to turning up and working with clients who knew what they wanted. When Mrs G said that we wanted pictures of some shoes, well, that didn’t really help much.

The Prof turned out to be a task master who had Mrs G ironing tablecloths, stuffing espadrilles and setting tables all day long. He took a relatively small number of shots that actually turned out to be photographs rather than my snaps, and if we had had some semblance of an idea about what wanted in the first place, Mrs G & He could have accomplished three times what they did.

Being a man of the camera myself I of course wasn’t keen to get involved, balking at the cost. Initially, I thought the results we ‘OK’, if not a little expensive, however, in retrospect and having tried to duplicate the good Professors work for several years, I can say in all honesty, sometimes it pays to get a professional in. At least 90% of the photos I’ve taken since we started have been consigned to the trash icon, but now I’ve started blogging and looking to refesh our site I find myself going back to his work more and more and thinking, “actually, these are really rather good”.

e-retailtherapy Fact No 3: Sometimes it pays to get a professional in, even if it does seem to cost an arm and a leg. However, make sure you prepare well first and ask their advice before you start. You’re paying so you need to make the best use of their skill set, in this case taking photographs and not discussing settings and the virtues of ironing tablecloths.

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